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How many chicks are you raising this year?

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What breeds does everyone have and how many chicks are you raising this year?
I have ameraucanas, black australorps and cuckoo marans for standard size, and some silkies.
In the brooder I have 22 silkies, 19 ameraucanas, and 23 marans hatched in April. I still have about 20 marans and 8 silkies to hatch this weekend and then the last big hatch of over 80 eggs to hatch on the 18th.
I have sold most of the previous hatches and am hoping to sell all of the last one except for some replacement australorps and some olive eggers. I'm also trading some red silkies for some red frizzles as soon as they sprout feathers to be identified and then next year I'll be breeding for sizzles.
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This is our first year of homesteading, we moved out here 9 years ago but life had other plans. Anyhow, this year we have 21 chickens. DH and I went to Orschelin's thinking we would get 5-6 chicks and came home with 8 Rhode Island Reds and 8 Barred Rocks... Had to go back for supplies and somehow ended up with 5 Orphingtons in my cart!!!
50 Freedom rangers
18 broilers
11 delawares
28 turkeys in the bator
18 mutts in the bator
5 muscovies in another bator
16 geese and more ducks in the bator next monday
30 + turkeys for the bator late next week

I keep adding more for some reason, I can't seem to leave any extra space in an incubator
We have 10 Buff Orpington chicks/teens that have just been added to our flock of 20 (buffs, black stars, red stars, RIRs and americanas)
We also have 24 Cornish chicks about to be added to the freezer...two weeks to go then no more stinky messy birds in the duck yard.
I've hatched somewhere around a hundred mutts- butchering roos and sold laying pullets, kept a few from the last hatch as they are pretty and I want to see how they turn out. Having barbeque roo legs for dinner tonight- YUMMY!

I've bought way too many!!! 43 total- 13 cuckoo marans pullets (got a gorgeous pair already), 7 barred rocks, 2 mille fleur POL pullets, 4 BA, 4 Bjerseygiant, 4 silkies, 2 mille fleur hatchlings, 1 oegb (probably), 2 golden seabrights, 1 bantam cochin (trying to figure out the color). 3 BO pullet hatchlings.

Got a BO roo to go with the 2 BO hens I have.

Got a bantam cochin on 3 eggs.

Waiting on Mille's to start laying so I can hatch them out.

Will start hatching out BO chicks soon.

Oh and hopefully getting a chinese red/gold pheasant male and a male emden gander this weekend so will then be having pheasant and sex-link geese to sell soon.
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26 (a bit more than the 10 I had originally planned for...) :)

6 are white leghorns (6 mo old from a local farm clearout)
8 light brahmas (now 4 weeks old and i'm sick of them in the house!)
12 cornish x (to be coming in a few weeks)
Unfortunately for the feed bill the incubator is still running, so, it's too early to say.
Dunno. Haven't even tried to count them. The Dickey is running full bore.
Oh yeah, and I'm getting two classes chick hatches (probably while leghorns) and meat chicks this weekend and in the fall (the larger batch). DH wants lots of chicken for barbeques this summer.
Last year I had 36 Light and Buff standard size Brahmas. after culling and butchering I wintered 8 hens. I traded one hen this year for a barnYard cross Brahma/Red Leghorn rooster. " Big John "

This year, I only have 5 Dutch Bantams, and 10 black sex-links thrown in for warmth for shipping. I don't know how these black sex links will butcher out, but rest assured they are so mean and chaotic that they wont be allowed to free range like my Brahmas & Big John.
Only 10 - lol!
2 black australorps
2 Orphingtons
1 Silkie
1 Seabright
1 Barred Rock. . .
they were all supposed to be pullets, but I think 1 RIR and the barred rock are roos.
100 Buff Orpingtons
100 Rhode Island Red
50 Barred Rock
Momma Dominique just hatched out 3 baby Doms!

Soon the bator will be full of Dom and RI eggs. about 50+
wow saffron! and DH thinks I am going overboard, lol. We are going to a poultry show/auction this weekend to try and get an emden gander and a chinese red gold pheasant male. DH is putting his foot down and repeatedly saying we are NOT getting any more chickens!!!!! I've been watching youtube videos of oegb's and serama's. A serama roo crowing is HILARIOUS!!! Watch him fall in love with something and just HAVE to bring it home.
100 buff orpingtons
100 rhode island red
50 barred rock
momma dominique just hatched out 3 baby doms!

Soon the bator will be full of dom and ri eggs. About 50+
I've added 15 Black Java and 20 buckeye peeps to the brooder.

Oh I'm so jealous!!! I want buckeyes!!! That's on my wishlist for next year as are the mille fleur leghorns.
I hatched out 13 cuckoo marans and only one silkie earlier this year. Bought 30 mixed silkies back in February, while Ideal had one of their .99c sales ;). I've had one old english hen hatch off one brood (they're on their own now) already of 6, shes setting again somewhere. Two hens jumped nest this morning (actually jumped 'trash can'... I had to tip the can over so she could get her dozen chicks out). Six more mixed bantam hens are running around with six to a dozen chicks, and my flock of silkies (still in the 8x12' breeding pen) have half raised 3 chicks. Old English, Mille Fleur, silkies, frizzles, cochins, brahmas, and lots of land race chickens.

The Ex-GF is thinking she wants to take the marans with her if she ever gets a pen to put them in at her new place. Hopefully I can get three or four more dozen eggs from her 'cuckoo connection'.

Last couple of years, the hens setting in bad spots weren't hatching any chicks... I guess natural selection is taking over... the hens raised in the good spots are all going back to the same areas to set their nests!
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We've got 51 broiler chicks, 2 pekin ducklings, a muscovy setting on 10 muscovy eggs, a mix of 40 eggs; cuckoo maran, silver laced wyandotte, white rocks, black jersey giants, and black australorpes, in the incubator, and a cuckoo maran hen setting on a clutch of mutt eggs.
Who knows, at this point. I have 12 Australorps in the house brooder right now. In the barn brooder, I have several each of RIR, White LEghorns, and SLW. I have a few of each of those in their own pen OUTSIDE, too.

I have 17 muscovies hatching today/tomorrow, and another 28 'scovy hens under a FIRST TIME 'scovy hen, due 5/31.

And, we still haven't ordered chicks this year! We're planning on getting some broilers, some turkeys - and I'm going to see if I can sneak in some Blue Andalusians and Exchequer Leghorns... and maybe a few others, too. :) I'd like Barred Rocks and Turkens as well!
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