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Discussion in 'Goats' started by Goater NLI, Jan 9, 2005.

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    We just gave a doe CDT booster amd now it looks like she may kid soon. How long before kidding does it need to be before it doesthe kids any good?
  2. LuckyGRanch

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    Jun 30, 2002
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    The number I've heard is 4-6 weeks.

  3. Sondra Peterson

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    Dec 4, 2002
    Even 2 wks prior will do some good. Normal recommendation is 30 days I think which is true also for BoSe. However if not given at all you can give the kids a CD Antitoxin
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    Dec 11, 2004
    I gave all my goats a CD&T in Oct. and now they are about to kid ... Do I need to give them another CD&T ?? this is NO problem to do.

    I somehow got it in my mind that they needed 2 CD&T a year... Spring and fall thing. I think maby I gave my startgazing doe a 2nd.CD&T last year before she kidded due to her overstuffing herself on a cedar tree that we cut down.
  5. Vicki McGaugh TX Nubians

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    May 6, 2002
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    You really aren't giving her the CD&T shot prekidding for herself, you are giving it to bolster the colostrum for the kids. So if the colostrum you are feeding is already in the freezer, than simply only add her colostrum to several 1/2 bottles in the freezer that will also contain colostrum from does who where vaccinated at least 3 weeks before kidding.

    A good rule of thumb when you don't have a good breeding date is to give the shot as the doe is uddering up, since she is uddering up with colostrum. The fluid in the udder is made way before kidding, this will make up the colostrum so you want the immunity to be in the bloodstream during the time the colostrum is being made. If she is already uddered up ready to kid, than the shot isn't going to hurt anything it's just not doing what we want it to do.

    You really don't have to worry about the kids, disbudding castrating etc..and give antitoxin if you just messed up this shot, IF the doe has been on a regular vaccination schedule ie...she was vaccinated as a kid with at least 2 shots and she has annually been given her if she has never had her shots and this was going to be her first, than you need to give antitoxin to the kids when they get disbudded or castrated along with their first CD&T shot, another 21 days later, and another after they are 12 weeks old...or however you handle this.

    Baa, I give my adult goats including the bucks, their shots, prebreeding and prekidding (the bucks get a shot when their first kid hits the ground), this way they are getting 2 shots a year.

    Has anyone moved to the Vision CD&T instead of the Bar Vac? Vicki