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How long do coffee beans last??

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I have the opportunity to buy about 50 lbs of roasted coffee beans at an excellent price. I don't mind grinding my own but does anyone know how long the whole beans will stay good??

I tried finding information on the internet but everything I found must be geared toward coffee gourmets. Heck, one site said "Roasted coffee beans only last 4 to 7 days maximum before they oxidize and lose their entire flavor". Yeah, right. I've used ground coffee that was three years old (from a sealed can) and it was just fine. I would think that the whole beans would last longer than that...right??
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We had some that somehow avoided the rotation that were in the large, air tighted CO2 sealed buckets that were still good after 10 years. They were stored in a building that experiences the normal seasonal changes found in south central Michigan. For 50 pounds I would not even bother with the CO2 seal, but I would put in a tightly sealed container.
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