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When I have bottle calves, I give them free choice to calf starter, in addition to the bottles. I can't remember, but once they are eating a certain amount of starter a day, you can remove the bottles. It will usually tell you on the bag of starter or milk replacer. Put enough starter out that there is just a bit left when you feed again. Don't let it get yucky.

He should also have free choice hay and water.

I try to get babies off the bottle as soon as possible, but I'm too busy to really mess with them. It won't hurt for him to be on it longer. I think four months is the longest I have ever heard of someone doing bottles. I usually get rid of them in a couple months.

In my experience, bottle babies are always smaller and have the orphan potbelly look. I do not raise bottle babies on purpose though, just when it is necessary, so I don't put the care into them that some others might.

Good luck

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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