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How is rabbit meat regulated

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I just posted information on menu page. How is rabbit meat regulated in the United States of America? This will clear all the misconceptions about commercially raised rabbit meat Also issue #169 of “The Rabbit Habit Weekly” covers this in detail.
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Dean Goforth
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I went over to the link you provided but couldnt find the information you refered too. Do I have to subscribe and pay to read the article you were refering too, or is this free information you were giving to us? Please post a link directly to the information that will clear up forever the misconceptions about comercialy produced rabbit meat, I would be interested in reading it myself, unless you are trying to get people to buy a subscription to your endevor, with your post.
The information on regulation is located on the bottom part of the menu page. See updated in large read letters.
Clicking onto the web site at You automatically go to the menu page in 15 seconds. It is on the free section and available for all with interest to read.

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Dean Goforth
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