How do you treat for fleas and mosquitoes?

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  1. We have one young rabbit inside the house that has fleas. How do we treat her for fleas?

    Also, we have one older rabbit in a hutch outside and I have noticed in the evening that mosquitoes are buzzing all around it. Will they make her sick? There is a outbreak of West Nile virus in this state. We have walked around our property and made sure any container is turned over or covered so that it will not hold standing water but we have neighbors very close and do not know what is on their property.
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    I don't know about the mosquitos but I do know you CANNOT use traditional flea treatments on rabbits. It will kill them quick! Try lemon Joy dish detergent. Yes, I'm serious. Quit laughing... I use it on babies that are too young for regular shampoos and I've used it on rabbits when I worked at the vet clinic. But make sure you get only the Joy. It's the only kind that (supposedly) uses real lemons. You could probably use lemon juice but I would be afraid of it burning them.

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    Cat flea powder will take care of the fleas. Just be sure it is for cats or kittens, and not for dogs, as it is specially formulated for cats because they "groom" themselves (like rabbits) and may ingest some of it.

    Not a whole lot you can do about mosquitos aside from using citronella candles, etc. However, you may want to consider mosquito netting to throw over the outside hutch. Can't block off the bottom, though, or you'll have a holy mess to clean, heheheh. :D

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  4. Thanks for the info. I wasn't sure if you could use a cat flea powder or not. I did figure using dog flea powder would harm the bunny cause I just about killed a cat once using it. So I figured if it would make a cat sick then it would probably make the rabbit sick too. Just wasn't sure about using cat powder. I don't have any joy soap as my wife doesn't like that kind. :shrug: It's all the same to me!