How do you make your beds?

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    You'll need to match the implement to the tractor and be sure you have enough horsepower to add other implements later on i.e. a turning plow or a three point disc.

    Make sure the first tillage breaks up the sod and grasses enough--otherwise you'll have to do a lot of raking. Later seasons will be easier and you may not need much tillage, if you use a mulching/composting method.

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    Have the same type of hiller, that I have built. Mine goes on one of the garden tractors. If I used one on a larger tractor the beds would be wider that I want. The garden is only about 2500 sq ft, so need to use smaller equipment. I use the garden tractor from moldboard plowing, to planting, to cultivation and harvest of root crops. Any time I can do a project with the tractor, it saves time and energy.
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    I don't use any machines to make my garden beds. I build the bed from the ground up by first laying cardboard or newspaper.
    Then I add layers of chicken manure, leaves, compost, grass clippings. When I want to plant in them right away I make the top layer of good compost soil about 10 inches thick. I always mulch the soil. I do my very best not to leave soil uncovered. Then I leave each bed in place and my walking paths are the paths and the beds are the beds, each and every year. adding enrichment to the beds as needed. The beds end up being raised higher than the paths.

    Just figured I'd put this out there in case someone does a search about building beds and also doesn't have/want to use machines.

    ETA - this is a home garden for vegetables herbs and flowers
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