how can I tell if my pigs have mites?

Discussion in 'Pigs' started by Will1975, May 9, 2018.

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    Apr 23, 2018
    My pigs are about 10 weeks old and growing like crazy but they are scratching and rubbing themselves on everything like crazy. On the feeder, the hog panels, up against their house, sometimes they just lay on the ground and rub their bellies all around. I have been reading that this can be a sign of mites/mange infestation but also that pigs like to scratch a lot normally but this seems a bit more than normal to me. Should I just get some ivermectin and treat them orally to be 'on the safe side'. It's my understanding that two treatments are needed 14 days apart because of the eggs but what about the pen area? Will these die on their own if my medicated pigs are an unsuitable host during this time period or should I be doing something else also? And before anybody asks, I have no clue if they were already treated or not or given iron before I got them. Learning the hard way most of the questions that are good to ask next time. Thanks for any advice you guys might have for me... first-time pig owner trying to raise happy healthy pigs.
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    Do they look like they have Sarcoptes scabiei ? It is a very distinctive appearance.

    Your pigs will likely have worms, and maybe other parasites. Pigs are prone to parasites.

    I breed and raise pigs. I am not dissing pigs when I say these things.

    You can treat, though it does increase the cost of finishing your pigs.

    'Happy pigs' are pigs that can eat until they can no longer walk. They will collapse in exhaustion from their eating, and take a snooze. An hour later they will awaken, vacate their bowels and commence to eating again. This cycle will repeat all day. That is the happiest I have seen pigs.