How and when do you plant sweet potato slips?

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  1. When growing up my mom or grandma never did plant sweet taters so I don't know much about planting them. I can remember eating them while I was growing up so they must have bought them from the store to eat. A few years ago I tried my luck at growing them and done real good. But since then I haven't had any luck. So I don't know if I am planting them too early, too late, too deep, not deep enough, or just what I'm doing wrong. Today I bought a bundle to try again. So can anyone help me out. A big thankyou to you.
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    May 25, 2004

  3. Thanks OD, according to the site you posted then I still have about a week and a half before it would be safe for me to plant them. But then it has been so warm this spring that we haven't had a frost since 1st part of March.
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    RH, you don't want to hold those slips too long. I'd check the ground and see how warm it is. You can prob go ahead and plant since you have the slips. It has been pretty warm here lately. My window potato is just now starting to take off good. Hoping it holds till I get it to Texas! LOL