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How about Klamath Falls Oregon?

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Hey yall,thanks for all the info so far.I like the look of Klamath Falls.My fiancee has Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia so the sunshine would be great.I get depressed and tired when it rains so I don't know if the Portland area would be so smart(I was thinking that area at first).Bear in mind I'm moving from Chicago.How is the job situation(I'll take any service or **** job)?I really want to be in nature this looks like a good place for Kayaking.If anyone has any info on owner financed properties or cheap mobile homes I'd greatly appreciate it.Thanks,Matt.
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I lived in Chiloquin Oregon, which is about 40 miles north of Klamath... if you need sunshine, you will need a full spectrum light then for part of winter... It stays clouded over and snows a lot...

I dont know what the job market is like anymore, it has been quite a while since i lived there... but it is beautiful ....

You might want to check with the state of Oregon and see if they are hiring any positions ...

Good Luck

Lynn in Texas
Definitely stay away from the coast. We lived near Brookings for 5 years and hated the rainy weather. DH loved it though. It is beautiful near Crescent City and the Smith and Klamath Rivers are good for kayaking.
Klamath Falls area has kayaking and wonderful outdoor activities. I would go to the oregon employment department website and check out jobs, and to the newspaper online, Klamath Falls Herald I think it is.
I have property in Lakeview Oregon that I'd sell on owner contract (I'm buying it that way right now). It's a lot opn the edge of town, but Lakeview is very rural. Let me know if you'd like more info.
That area is very nice. A little more true "seasonal" than the west side. I sure hope you find a great place Matt.
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