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House moving

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I was wondering if anybody on here has had a home moved to another site. I have found a wonderful 100 year old home for $10,000, that is just beautiful. The problem is the home is in northern Texas and my land is in NW Arkansas. It is a two story, 3300 sq ft. home. I've tried to find out approximately what it would cost to move something like that so far, but I've had no success. Has anybody else faced such a challenge? I love old homes, and it is an excellent value for this house. My husband says that it will cost more to move it than we could ever afford. :waa:
Is he right? :(

ps I'm also posting this question on the Countryside Family forum in case somebody there knows also. Thanks for your help.
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It would be much cheaper to move your ground to Texas. That is buy some close to the big house. A move that distance would be a fantastic undertaking. Building a new smaller modern one might cost less and be way more efficent to heat and cool.
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