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had to share this idea.. got it from an artical in the new domestic rabbits..
soak squares of carpet for the the water evaporates it cools the buns.. this was the missing link for me ..i had been using fans and frozen water bottles or freezer packs that come with coolers... they just don't last long enough..lucky for me i had a rug i wanted to trash but being cheap i really wanted to find another use for it.. i cut squares for the girls and litters and rectangles for the boys.. i put the wet peices near their feeders so they would have to get used to it.. there was really no argunments from the rabbits... the babies were sprawled and the moms layed on the edges ...the boys loved it to :bouncy:
i had intended to pull the peices out last night before they got to active
but i forgot so this morning one piece was tore up pretty bad...i expected that from him (he likes to rip and tear) the other peices were fine...
now i have to cut up the rest of the rug for use later..
if you don't have a rug to cut up i wonder if a carpet store wouldn't have samples free or cheap..
hope this helps all the hot buns out there :baby04:
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