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Thanks Giving always brings thoughts of good things... Most notably tasty and sweet.... Rarely anything spicy....

I think spicy is not out of place in Thanks Giving fare... And have never cared for things like hot, spicy, garlic pickles, so this works better for me....

For instance....
I take about a third can of cranberry sauce, either jelled or whole berry... And add a splash of hot sauce.... Either that or fine ground Cheyanne pepper... Mix well... Be cautious as you add the pepper... It is easy to overwhelm the cranberry of choice....

Also one of my favorites is a sandwich of left over turkey, mayo, and either hot sauce, or a little horseradish.... Once in a while.... Turkey with a slice of white onion...

A little spice during dinner makes it easier for me to be comfortable with a smaller slice of pie at the meal...... And leaves room for another small slice of pie later in the day.... :thumb:

Do you have any spicy "winter holiday" favorites ???
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