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Tracy Rimmer said:
We're supposed to get your weather tomorrow, Appway -- but the boys and I are going to Brandon (I'm taking them to the movies -- smart, huh? :D ) and I'll look for fans while I'm in town. DH is staying here, but he's better with the heat than I am :)

So far, it's not too bad. Lots of flies, though -- I think they're being driven in by the heat. :shrug:

I was going to suggest an afternoon movie. The theatres are always so cold I have to bring a sweater.

I alway keep a damp kitchen towel draped around my neck. It really seems to help.

Also, cook outside on the outdoor stove or grill. You would be surprised how much heat your oven will put out. Or eat cold foods. We eat a lot of salads and summer fruits when it is very hot.

Don't run your dryer and wash clothes on the coolest cycle. Even if your washer/ dryer is in the basement, remember warm air rises.
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