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  1. On my way to work this morning (530am)on a back country road, we encountered a horse just standing in the road. We had the car so hubby honked the horn just once hoping to encourage the horse and the people in nearby house. No people woke up so I got out of the car and walked up to the horse who didnt respond to the horn.

    It was in sad shape...apparently out all night, lathered and then frosted coat. I walked horse into driveway (no harness) and there was a large truck coming against us but it slowed while we slowly walked on...the horse had very little energy left, there was a gob of blood on the tar (he might have cut foot/leg on ice) I got him in the yard hoping someone would come out (house of local game warden) the garage was open so apparently he'd already left for work...well the horse went into the garage....and I left so I'd be on the bus on time.... the bus driver was going to call the neighbors(game warden and horse keepers in the area) when we got back this morning.

    Hoping the horse makes it (though I have some doubts) and hope he didnt do any damage or try to eat anything in the garage.

    Can you imagine waking up to a horse in the garage?

    Sad thing is I think the horse belongs to the family who lost their 14yo daughter in a car wreck 1 month ago. And like I said the horse was obviously sick and in pain.
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    :) What, you don't have animal control there? I guess that's just part of rural life though. I can't count the number of horses and cows that I've put back in someones barn or pasture over the years...UNLESS the animal(s) look uncared for..thin etc.

    Then, I call the authorities so the people have to answer some questions.


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    I would have just stopped at a house and ask who it belonged to. Some times no matter how hard you try, they do get out. IF it looked heakthy, it might have just been out for a stroll, might have been a mare in heat, or a stud trying to find one. these things happen. that is just part of country life. calling animal control would just get the owners in a lot of troble witht the law, and the horse might have just been looking to get bred, or to breed. The smell travels in the air, when the stud smells it, off he goes, trying to find it.
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    The horse may be in pain, neglected now, but has it been well looked after up to a month ago??? Perhaps these people just cant cope with having lost their daughter and the poor horse is 'collateral damage'. I would go knock on the door and calmly sympathetically offer to help.