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horse drawn farm implements

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Does anyone know of a great web-site that has or sells, new or used, horse drawn farming tools?
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Hey there, trtalbott.

Around here (southern Middle TN) we see them in front of antique dealers' places, out in folks' barnyards and fields, and generally in odd places. Mostly I see horse-drawn mowers, disc harrows, springtooth harrows, plows, and planters. I doubt you'll find a very good place to buy them online-- they would be very expensive to ship. You might have good luck driving through the countryside and asking gas station attendants, antique dealers, farmers, etc.

Best of luck,
you may want to check out estate sales concerning farms, or you could try the newspaper the amish read,sorry i can't recall the name at the moment ,or try countyauctions they sometime have them. what about scrap yards they sometime get them in.
Here is a place you might find something Sign up and ask. It's a different site but it is a good one.
A friend of mine has been to this auction: near Topeka, Indiana.

It is regularly frequently by Amish buying & selling buggy horses (Standardbred, primarily) and farm work horses (draft & draft crosses). You might contact the sale company and ask if they handle horse-drawn equipment--they auciton equipment & the horses that pull them, so it seems logical. If not, then perhaps the auction management be able to suggest someone who could help.

Go to [email protected] and see how to obtain a back issue. They have a good sizes section on draft drawn equipment, new and used. Likely you will be better off buying new than used due to the lack of replacement parts. Plus, new will have improvements built in.

Ken S. in WC TN
I have 3 pieces of equipment I'd like to sell. It is pretty old, but I don't think that it is horse drawn.

A green (some paint still showing) pull behind chisel disk

A culti-mulcher--it says on it.
The Dunham Co--Berea Ohio

an old harrow

I called a farm supply. They said the chisel disk was worth $250
The culti--mulcher----------------------------------------$100 to 200
Old harrow------------------------------------------------$100

I live in Indiana---east of Indianapolis
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