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horns on a wether?

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Probably a stupid question but... will castrating a horned lamb affect horn growth? I just bought a 2 week old 1/2 Jacob 1/2 Scottish Blackface lamb and he's got 1 inch horn buds already. His tail is ringed, he hasn't been castrated yet but he will be. Thanks!
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He'll still get horns, and I imagine they'll be every bit as nice/terrible as any rams. Kind of depends if you like horns or not.
As with Ross. Actually, the horns would be just a little less robust than with a ram, but that can make them sharper.
I raise Jacobs and my wethers do not have nearly the horn growth of my rams. In fact my six year old wether has significantly less horn growth than my two year old ewes. I don't know how the other breed you have in the mix will effect the horn growth though, I have found that when crossed with Dorset/Finn the resulting lambs either have no horns or scurs.
Every one I have cut the horns quit growing when cut them have also read this in vet books also
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