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Hoof split open

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One of our goats split his hoof open on some lawn edging(at least that is the most likely cause). Any one have any suggestions on how to get this to heal up?
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Unregistered, where exactly is the split? The hoof itself is like your fingernail, and won't heal back together, but if it's on the foot, I'd clean it well, disinfect and wrap the foot with gauze and vet wrap. Keep an eye on it and change the bandages daily or at most, every two days, keeping the goat out of wet areas. Probably could use an antibiotic, too. Jan in Co
the spilt is on the bottom of his hoof. it runs from about 1/2" from the tip of his hoof to about 1/2" from his leg. about an inch long total.

is there anything i can do to seal it up?

btw, where are you in CO? we're in elbert.
Un, I don't know what to suggest as far as sealing it up. Is it bleeding badly? What do you have on hand, as far as vet supplies? Maybe Bagbalm? Vaseline? When we had one cut her hoof, it was on the back, and I just soaked it clean, put some blood stop powder on it, and then wrapped with guaze and vet wrap. I live near Ellicott, about 45-50 miles from you. Don't have a vehicle today, or I'd offer to come help. Jan in Co.
its not bleeding. we've been nursing it along for while. keeping it clean, and changing the dressing often. but given the chance it will dirty and likely infect, so i was hoping there is something out there that will seal the hoof up. oh well.

sister-n-law lives in ellicot.
I've had success with sterile gauze and thin strips of 'vet wrap'.. a week ago, I had a doe get a large thorn in the bottom of her foot, didn't have anything to clean it with at the time (very poopy) so I used some apple cider vinegar. Got it real clean, put a 1" sq of twice doubled gauze on it and wraped that particular toe with a thin strip of vet wrap. it stayed on untill I took it off two days later to re-clean it.. it's healed nicely and using the vet wrap was like having her toe in a little bootie.. :)
Not sure if this will help much now. Last year we had a wether slice his foot open from the bottom,up along the back to his leg. It kept reopening and getting nasty. We treated it with antibiotics,then placed pine tar over the opening (helps to seal),sliced a toilet paper roll open,then wrapped that around his hoof/leg and duct taped it which prevented him from bending the hoof and tearing the cut back open. It took 2 weeks,but it healed up. We would check the wound every 2 days,clean things up,re apply the antibiotic cream,wrap things back up. We also gave him his Tetanus shot,and a round of penecillan.
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