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Did anyone get a harvest from a new hive this year? I expected to get nothing. I started my hive from a 3lb package of italians in mid April, the hive was very strong, and in July i split the hive (the split is still living in a polystyrene 5 frame nuc and doing very well, they will go in a 'real' hive next spring.). I opened the hive back around the 23rd of August and they had only drawn out a tiny portion of one or two frames of the medium honey super. Yesterday I opened the hive, planning to just remove that super and get them ready for winter when low and behold they had a lot of honey in the super. I then put the inner cover with a bee escape between the upper brood chamber and the super so they can work there way out, but i expect a pretty decent honey crop considering I originally thought i'd get none. The super was pretty darn heavy too so it is definitely mostly full! So I've now ordered some equipment to extract (borrowing an extractor)..

How is everyone else doing? did anyone else get a harvest from a new hive this year? I'm in South Eastern Massachussetts.

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