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This thread has been quiet. so here is my recent journal:

I've had a total hip, later the opposite knee, then later the other hip since we've been here. Always in the off season. Oh, boy, the stories of medical people freaking out because you are snowed in and can't get to check ups or PT. When the knee happened and we got home and a snow storm happened afterward. We were snowed in for 3+ weeks. The staples had to come out so I grabbed the hooked and straight needle nose from the gun cleaning kit and removed them. No big deal. The surgeon and hospital freaked out - YOU CAN'T DO THAT. So what? you gonna get here by snowmobile? That's all past. And a fun memory. I still have those notes in my chart.

Next up recently is Carpal Tunnel on both. The surgeon wanted to do both. The DW said H*** no (she had both done years ago) separately. So being a good boy and following DW instruction I only did one. Why? Yesterday I had Carpal Tunnel restoration. TG I followed the DW's directive. All is good but if I did both? Oh, dang. It's not wiping the butt or anything similar but city people who have no idea about living rural. Just moving around is critical. Of course you don't ever fall, right? We don't have paved sidewalks and driveways. The surgeon, bless his heart, has no idea. So you have to override the surgeon? You betcha.

Just some journal thoughts.
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I have never had to sew myself up, but I have sewn up other people, and cattle, horses, dogs, and pigs. I have removed hundreds of stitches from people and animals. I have delivered exactly three human babies, and a lot of critters. I have given shots to animals, and a few people. I have also shot a few people, but I wouldn't recommend it as a regular thing.

One of our neighbors got stepped on by a horse, and broke some bones in her foot. One of the bones came through the skin on the top of her foot. Not being the sharpest tack in the box, she didn't go to a doctor, or even the emergency room. She didn't have insurance, or any money. So, she just ignored it until it got nice and infected, and started to stink. She learned that smoking pot, 24/7 will not prevent infection.

Finally she stopped by our house and asked my wife to take a look at it. My wife has a big soft heart, and will never turn anyone away even if they can't pay. Long story short, I got to sit on her on the kitchen floor. While my wife debrided the wound and pulled out the splinter of bone. And then clean it once a day for the next week, until it turned pink and began to heal.

Note: If you have someone pinch and twist their ear lobe, people won't even notice the little tingle when you are sewing them up.

Nothing unusual, just the normal stuff that comes up.
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That is why you should keep a supply of Lidocaine around.
We do, now.
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