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There is a company in Tuscon Arizona called Native Seeds. You can go online I believe an order their catalogs.
They produce and sell all varieties of corn, beans, etc quite close to what was grown generations ago, hundreds of years before modern gmos. Basically what the Indians before us farmed with, in the deserts.
I won't pee on your dream but you are up for quite a steep learning curve and heavy odds.

I was in Arizona last year to visit my sister, and turned off of I10 onto what would be considered the southwestern version of a "country road". Real estate signs planted every so often for "10 acres" "17 acres" "32 acres" that all looked about the same; parking lot flat parcels with dead brush and dirt devils respraying the dust. How does one decide on one piece over the other?

Yet there was a house, set back at least a half mile off the road, with no drive, surrounded by metal fencing and reinforced with old tires. He had what appeared to be a half dozen lemon trees and several container gardens under lean toos.

A couple of cows mostly ribs and skin and a few goats and some chickens. His house and truck covered with orange dirt to the point of masking the color underneath. It was about 110 that day and monsoon season was still a few months away. I don't know- they seemed to be making it work.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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