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first of all, water, 10 acres as started is not enough to get a well permit, and water may not even be reachable by wells, the land is overpriced, IMO, if you "want to farm" do not buy, there is a reason it has not be broke up to farm, and that is either the land will blow away, and most like in that area the rain fall my be just a bit above 10" a year, not enough to grow a crop on, to do cattle (my area) is 20 acres for a cow calf, the san luis area I understand it is dryer than my area, it may take 30 or 50 acres for a cow calf, "In the San Luis Valley area, stocking rates can range from 6 to 120 acres per animal unit.""
employment most likely would be hard to get anything over min, wage, and if you do farm work I don't think one needs to pay min, wage,

unless your looking at 160 acres+, I would not even consider it, (in my area, on 160 acres, one could run 8 cows, maybe, say to have 100% birth rate, and sell 7 calves, you my have an annual income of about $4900, (one held back for cow replacement), and some place one will need a bull, but the picture you showed (IMO is only suitable for some animal grazing),

I will not say it is a scam, but in a sense it is, (this has been done in some places in WYO, out of towners see an add for cheap land and do not realize there is little or no water, and to get to the property is not easy, so a rancher sells them 10 or so acers, and when the buyer comes out to see it say I made a mistake, (in most western states the owner needs to fence livestock out of the property, (open range laws), they usually abandon the lots or lot, and in the meantime the rancher still grazes the acreage, in a few years the taxes are not payed and the rancher buys it back for next to nothing, and most likely waiting for the next sucker, to buy the land all over again,

this is most likely appropriately priced for the value of the land,
and this may have been some one who bought one of the lots or simular, your looking at,

I do not know land prices down there, but the looks of it (I would not want to pay over $200 an acre for it),

1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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