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Just a quick thought here. After lurking on the site for several years, I love seeing the discussions on weekends, class offerings, etc. I also know that several contributors are always willing to teach on their farm/homestead about anytime of day if they are just asked.

Seems to me (unless I have missed previous posts on the subject) that we ought to have an entire thread devoted to upcoming events. A person on the soap making thread may be willing to host a soap making clinic, but unless you are reading in that thread we would never know about it. Food preservation, goat butchering, rabbit cage making, etc. Seems like unless we look at each category every day, we are bound to miss something.

Why not create an upcoming event/homesteading clinc forum, and if people are willing to host/teach something, they can post it to the specific forums as well as the homesteading clinic forum for greater access and information spreading?

Just a thought. I am here in Indiana. Very little that I don't want to learn, and very little that I already know. Do I have bees? No. But if there was a bee hive clinic taking place nearby, or if someone was willing to teach me to raise them, then maybe I would....just an example here.

It could also be a question/answer forum. "Anyone willing to teach me how to make oatmeal soap?" - If someone says yes, then the whole homsteadingtoday family could contact the same person and make a true clinic out of it....

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