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There's some really bad areas in metro atl. Trailer parks where the trailers have no windows and the occupants are fine with that.

Paulding County seemed nice but pricey for me and I don't know how they are as far as ordinances, codes and what not. I only lived in the area for 6 months at most. Kennesaw(a city) has a law that each house must have a gun which I thought was cool but other than that, I didn't care for the area. Then I ended up in Mississippi and Georgia didn't seem half bad.:confused: MS people were great. There just wasn't much of anything going on.

But then there's pockets of good, bad and uglyo_O everywhere.

Heck, there's one city metro alt that area, starts with an A, that spans three counties. The native GA people were ok but it seems like a whole lot of people from around the country went there to get rich quick due to the Olympics having been held there. Some real doozies as far as business owners I encountered.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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