Homesteading accomplishments(long)

Discussion in 'Countryside Families' started by fitwind, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. fitwind

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    Aug 26, 2005
    SW Missouri
    I am going to look back at what I have accomplished in my homesteading life. I got the idea from another thread. I have bought my first home it,s small but picture perfect for our family. We had a few things to do to the house itself putting in air conditioning and a wood stove. We cleared a porion of our land for a garden and fenced it off. We bought some seeds and started are 1st garden( We didn't do that great but we did get some stuff).We cleared another section for our chickens and bought the would and made our first chicken coop(turned out real good for the 1 st time).We also cleared a space for some ducks. I ordered chickens 1st (Buffs) they are the greatest(my pride and joys) we keep them in the laundry room till they we're to big and started getting into everything LOL. Outside to their new home they went. Next I ordered the ducks(3 breeds) I kept them inside too. What a mess they we're nothing like the chicks. Lesson learned ducks are stick and dirty little buggers(still love them ) don't keep them inside too long UGHHHHH.. I had 6 dead trees cut down I had to get a chainsaw to cut them up for firewood( to many cut at once)taking us a long time to get cleaned up(great firewood though).I tried my hand at pickling some things this year (turned out to vinegary for me) still eatable thou. I have plenty more to do so much of my land is unused. I have plans for everything I imagine I will never be done with the work I have to do. That is quite alright with me I would rather be doing this than living in the rat race society of today. So what have you accomplished on your homesteading path?
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    Jul 26, 2005
    Like you, I have lots of unused area and all of it needs cleaned up......started with some ducks.....they lasted about 10 weeks just before the fox got them! Have secured the fences for the most part and now have a cow/calf and another heifer. Was able to get the neighbor to put up 35 big bales for me.....sold off thirty and covered my cost of mowing/baling......and have 5 big bales, plus plenty of pasture yet to get me through the winter. The house needs some remodeling and upkeep.....painted outbuildings and cleaned up the fence able to keep the place looking nice! Purchased a chainsaw and have been working up downed trees and cutting down some old ones in the timber.

    Plan to try chickens in the spring....better chicken fencing next time to keep the fox out......or borrow my dad's gun!

    Plenty yet to do, but great fun and real sense of accomplishment to see the work completed.

  3. Jenn

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    Nov 9, 2004
    5 3'x10' garden beds giving us salad and green onions and space for the winter/spring sowings, 20 blueberries 5 apples various other fruit nut trees including dozen citrus in permanent pots, 40% done chain link fence, leaves and branches around greywater outlet and other erosion points, rebuilding foundation where rain washing it off.

    Slowly slowly- someday sooner or later maybe never list: finish fence, chicken tractor and dogs (after perimeter fence up), more garden beds, redo lawn/landscape around new swim pool, tree house, paulonia for treeclimbing, way more nut trees, solar water/electric.
  4. MullersLaneFarm

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    Jul 23, 2004
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    It's hard to believe we've been at this place for 5 years already.

    A lot of changes to the barn (haymow, tackroom, milking parlor, rabbitry), workshop & machine shed (starting on the farm store). The animals are abounding! Milk cow, honeybees, draft horses, various poultry, hogs .... we've settled on Berkshires and our sow will be going off to get serviced this month.

    More apple, cherry, pear, & peach trees join the apple & plum in the orchard.

    Veggie & herb gardens.

    The Home Comfort acorn wood parlor stove was replaced with a Montgomery Ward wood range for cooking.

    God is GOOD!