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This sounds fun....I'll bite. First of all, we started this journey a couple of years ago. In the past we have lived in a tent without electricity, washed our clothes by hand, gardened, bought grains in bulk and baked bread, cooked on a wood stove. We don't consider ourselves homesteaders, but we do feel that we are homesteaders in spirit because we are doing things that are what homesteading is all about.....working harder with a less convenient life so that we are debt free and working for that we have a sense of freedom. Life is such a rat-race. It gets to be that you have to go to work to pay the bills that you have because you work. We felt we couldn't be together as a family anymore because of our lifestyles. We are working to change that.

We lost everything in a house fire, and had to sortof start over. We don't yet have livestock because we are in the process of building our new house and are living with relatives. We have plans to live without electricity in our new house too, where we hope to have a large garden, chickens and goats. (We actually have chickens at my mom's in the country. They are waiting to come home with us in a couple of weeks when we move into our new house) Our goal is to do more for ourselves thereby depending less on cash. That means we'll have to pay down our debt, provide most of our own food, live without electricity, and learn how to either do it ourselves or go without it. If we can do this, my husband can quit his part time job and be home for good. We aren't there yet, but we are on the journey. So my answers will reflect where we are now.

Adult questions:
1.) What made you decide to live this type of lifestyle? For us there were two ways to go about 40 hours per week apart from one another as a family after which we'd all reconvene for dinner, chores and sleep....OR work even harder together as a family. We chose to be together.
2.) What was the most difficult change? Our lazy lifestyles
3.) What do you enjoy most about homesteading? The work and being able to remain together as a family.
4.) What do you dislike most about homesteading? The work. It's a love-hate relationship. I love the work because it keeps me healthy. I hate the work because it's overwhelming at times.
5.) Do you think this type of lifestyle is good for children? ABSOLUTELY!! My dad was a roofer. I spent the summers on the roof with my dad WORKING. Most people mistook me for a boy because I had my hair chopped off to keep cool and I was practically black from the tar and shingles. If it hadn't been for working hard like that, I wouldn't even consider this lifestyle I don't think. It builds confidence and most importantly character. Perseverance , discipline, and self-motivation are some of the obvious, but it also makes you a more thankful person, and more content.
6.) Do you home school your children? Yes.
7.) If so what made you decide to home school your children? We are Christian, and we believe what the Bible says....."Bad company corrupts good character"...and the instructions to teach your children all the you walk, as you sit, all through the day. We don't think it's possible to do that when the children are only at home 3 hours before bedtime and on the weekends. I don't believe children are equipped to deal with all the bad influences they are exposed to throughout the day. For that matter, most adults aren't either. There may be a few exceptions, but we weren't willing to take any chances.
8.) What do you miss from your previous lifestyle? Not so much now that we are living in luxury at my inlaws, but previously I missed having time to read.
9.) What don't you miss from your previous lifestyle? Less time together.
10.) What advise would you give someone that is considering this type of lifestyle? Listen to the advice of those who have lived this life for longer than me, but don't get so discouraged that you don't even try when they all say it's hard. There are lots of ways to "homestead" can find where you are most comfortable.
11.) What do your family and friends think of your type of lifestyle? Our friends think it's great, but most of our family think we are a little weird for wanting to go without electricity.
12.) Do you work a regular job for income or have you created a business supported by this type of lifestyle? My husband works part-time and will probably go full time soon. Our long term goal is for him to quit in 10 years when we are able to get our expenses down to about $4000-$5000/year. Then we'll work from home.
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