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12 questions should be a painless enough request.

#1 I went to college to learn me a bankers education. Got it but didn't fancy 30 or 40 years of desk work. So I went home and kept on with the family farm/kennels.
#2 What change?
#3 and #4 I could easily like everything about the lifestyle and business, and on a bad day hate most everything. I consistantly like working with animals and meeting people. No boss has to be the best part and I suppose I dislike the paper work the most. Vacation time is hard to come by too.
#5 Over all yes it gives kids a better prespective on how the world is connected. I think city kids are raised with the skills they need to survive the city lifestyle but miss how things get the way they are alot of the time. For example my kids know animals are nothing like Walt Disney shows them, and that hot dry sunny weather can be a serious problem. They are learning to shoot, vet sick animals, build, garden, operate equipment and they'll get some basic mechanical edu too. You could write a thesis on this question alone.
#6 and 7 DNA, they do learn things at home they'll never see in school but the core education is public school in this house.
#8 and 9 Your probably not refering to my college days right?
#10 Start slowly ask questions accept failures and don't give up. You don't have to be born to country living just understand its alot harder than it looks.
#11 Who cares? Nah they think its great, envious at time I think.
#12 My wife does work a part time job but between the kennels and farming we make a living. I do pick up odd jobs now and then, like tractor painting, or running a corn drier, the odd snow removal job or welding job too. Oh and I sharpen clipper blades, not that it generates a lot of revenue.
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