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This looks similar to how I bought my first piece of land in this area. I am not knocking the idea at all but would like to share some of the pitfalls.

The subdivision I bought into were all 5-10 acre lots. It was a similar deal where an investement company owned the parcel and was selling the lots with their own financing. Back then in my 20's and struggling living in a city, this was my only way to get started on my dream of homesteading in the boonies.

I did build a nice cabin by hand on the weekends and eventually quit my job and moved there. What an experience! Married with 2 small children with no job or prospects. We made it but were some tough times of course.

After a while all the lots sold, and more and more buidlings were going up. Most of the property owners were from cities or suburbia 100 miles away. The weekends started to become like the wild west. 4 wheelers running all over the place, constant gunfire, and loud druken all night parties. And this was with a minimum of 5 acre lots. This Ozark outfit, after a quick glance, looks like a lot of very small lots (1 acre or less). I can just imagine what now looks like a peaceful serene area will be like once more and more people start living so close together.

For me, I missed a key term when I bought my property - subdivision. If I ever buy property somewhere it will never be in a sundivision ever again.
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