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homestead dogs

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I like this thread! I have 9 dogs, since we own a kennel that is the big passion in my life! I love my doggies! :haha:

We have 5 German Shepherd dogs (Glad that breed made the list! They have been #3 for quite a few years, I think).
2 Boston Terriers, smart as little whips with nearly human facial expressions.
1 Great big Bloodhound
1 Cocker spaniel!
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Well, okay.. guess we 'sound off' about our dogs here? :)

One really rotten spoiled GreyHound racer rescue housedog; Fred

Four AKC Pekingese (potential $$) but for now, sweet, furry, and about to get a shave! (In and out); Ginger, Kari Mi, (I did not name the next two!) Skipper and Heaven.

7 Chuhuahuas; some are three generations. :):) (Now that's an intersting study in obesity!:) Grandma w/Fat potential, skinny daughter, OBESE granddaughter over fed as a pup!! (Very strange!:):)
Prissy, DuhBaby, Butters, Erica, Olive, Vanna, Little Prissy (original, eh? LOL)

CocoaBean (Chi). First to die here due to hit and run. Age 3.(you'd think w/13 acres they could stay AWAY from the road?)

Tinky (Chi), Aged 8 1/2 Years; Vanished! Abducted by aliens, or hawks, or nice driveby 'city folks' (grr)

Emma (Peke).. 30 second mistake in family communication caused death by auto in road. ( I now have her sister -Kari Mi- born 2 hours after Emma died)

Zack (GS)... STILL don't know what happend to him... gunshot to the groin best guess; or impalement? A fine and regal foudling by my daughter. He lived and was loyal to age 5.

Pootie(Chi)--- fearsome killer chihuahua girl... (mother of Olive, Erica and sister to Tinky and Vanna) Killed by speeding car she was 'killing'.

CJ (Chi)--- Double dwarfing gene?.. died at one year (well, there's at least ONE I don't feel guilty for!)
Rick (GP) One year... ?? auto.. already posted on his demise. (thanks for your sympathies)

(Hmmm.. male dogs don't seem to fair too well around here.) I have a little memorial garden started for them. When I look at the list, and see all the love... It almost makes me hate living in the country. :no: So... If you drive.. SLOW DOWN.. and Pay Attention.. It's not that hard... I've never killed an animal when I was driving.
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I think she was posting a reply to the thread Does your Homestead Dog make the list?
and hit the wrong button.

Glad to know I'm not the only one who does that! lol
the beast overall dog for a homestead is not in the AKC book but is ,An CURTAIL hound i had been breeding the bloodline i had for 20 plus yrs till a goofball killed the whole lot of them, theese dogs will herd and they also will hunt and they love children and the elderly, are easy to house break. and are a loyal gaurd dog all in a package that weighs in at 30# , i finnaly found a dog out of the bloodline i was working with am trying to obtain a pup or two out of him and a unrelated female, you see theese dogs advertised once in a great while if you look. they are NOT the cataloo curs ,this is a seperate breed that dates back to England .The serfs dogs all had a bobtail ,so royalty could tell if a serfs dog was running game .The inbred(not the best word) trait is over 90% of all pups are born without a tail.
Tinky (Chi), Aged 8 1/2 Years; Vanished! Abducted by aliens, or hawks, or nice driveby 'city folks' (grr)

My sis had a pomerainian snatched by a raptor as the dog stood by her feet :eek: !So it can happen.
I have a dachshund (female 8 yrs. old) our male was put down with Cushions last fall :waa:
1 Brittany (15)(ds's dog) but lives here
1-Boxer mix female (9yrs. old)-(someone threw her, her mother and brother out at our farm)
2-lab mixes(brother and sister) 6yrs. old someone threw them out at our farm)
2 -Jack/Skipperkee(sp) mixes (brother and sister) 5 yrs, old someone threw them out at our farm.

They are all spayed and netured. They all are very well mannered and know lots of commands.. But all are very spoiled-- They love to go to our farm and spend the day --running,swimming in the pond and playing in the fields.. but after about 3 hrs. they get back in the truck and are ready to come home..
mightybooboo said:
No Shih Tzus on the list????????
Hey... I SAID I had Pekingese!! :):) (Close?)
^_^ As you can probably tell from my username, I've got corgis. Only my guys are the Cardigan type (with tails, larger, older of the two breeds, and come in more colors. They're not as well known, and tend to be a little more biddable and low key than the Pems.) They are Indy (tri male) and Summer (brindle female). I co-own a blue merle male who retired to a pet home in Texas and miss him daily, as he was the cuddliest of them, but he HATED showing. Indy is retired from the show ring but competes in agility and obedience. Summer is just getting started as a show dog and will do obedience and herding as soon as I have more $$$ for seminars and lessons. They're both great at getting the chickens into the coop whenever they escape.

Next, I have 3 papillons: Patsy (7 year old retiree, who is probably going to go live with a friend of mine's mom), Avi (Patsy's daughter), and Zephyr, who I'm showing. Avi is training for agility and Zephyr will probably try obedience since he thinks it's for Lesser Creatures to run and jump things. (His nickname is The Small Fluffy Royalty.)

We also have a cat, named Elsa the Corgi, who bears mentioning only because she THINKS she's a corgi.

Temporarily, we also have a foster Pembroke corgi named Gogy who is one hell of a guard dog but not good for much else and is very dog aggressive. Still trying to decide if she's safe to adopt out.

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