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Just got a letter from the insurance company and it seems they are rejecting my application for homeowners coverage. I just bought the house a month and a half ago. I will still be covered until Dec 26 and then they will issue a refund (pro-rated of course). It seems that the underwriters didnt like the age/deterioration of the roof.
I need to call the agent monday (he did call me friday and give me a heads up, he has been a good agent for us for several years handling our auto insurance) and find out if they will continue insurance if I get a new roof on. Otherwise I have to go into a state insurance pool which will more than double the cost of my insurance.
The roof has no leaks or missing shingles.
My question is will I be better off paying for the higher insurance until spring or putting the roof on now? The roofing materials will cost $950 and the higher insurance will run an extra $550 a year but would would only have it half a year. My concern is that putting a roof on now is that the shingles wouldn't have any hot days to stick themselves together and could blow off easier this winter.
The cost of labor isnt an issue since my best freind is a contractor and willing to come help me for free. Of course he might be too busy in the spring.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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