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    Nov 3, 2004
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    I found this on another gardening forum I'm on, and thought I'd post it here as it's such a wonderful idea!!!

    "I previously had ordered beet seed tapes from Gurney's, but this last week they said I wouldn't get them for several more weeks because they were on back order. It's the perfect planting time now here and my garden is prepped and ready, so I just made my own! I saved money, too. Here's how I did it:
    I went to True Value and bought a $1.15 packet of Detroit Red beet seeds, came home and cut leftover Christmas tissue paper into 1" wide strips. Then I mixed up flour and water to make glue, and using a little spoon, put drops 3" apart all along the length. I laid a yardstick down next to the tissue strips to make the work go faster, and it didn't take hardly any time at all.
    Next I poured the seeds into a little bowl so I could easily pick them up, and placed one seed on each dot of glue.

    I found those directions on the internet, but all the directions I found said to use newspapers or toilet paper. Leftover tissue paper worked just great! The directions also said to let the glued seed tapes dry overnight, but mine sat for just an hour before I realized, heck, the glue was holding the seeds well enough, so why wait? What did it matter if the glue dot was slightly wet or completely dry when I covered it with dirt? So I went ahead and planted them. Wow, it was so easy! The colored tissue strips really stood out against the dirt, and I let the very ends stick up above the dirt so I could tell where my rows began and ended. I might just do this with all the little seeds I plant from now on!"
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    I just heard this week that you can also use unflavored gelatin to "glue" the seeds to the paper.

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    Apr 26, 2005
    very interesting... i wonder if you could use streamers from a birthday party...