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  1. Do you have to have a bladder tank if you are using a submersible pump?

    A few years ago I had well problems with a above ground water pump and the pipes and the stinger down in the well itself. So I had to replace and I replaced with the cheapest I could afford which was to go with a submersible pump. But I kept the bladder tank in place and am using it with the sub. But is it necessary? Will I get quicker water pressure without it?

    I'm getting ready to replace the water spiket out at the well house so while I'm doing that I thought I might remove the bladder tank if it isn't necessary to have.

    Thanks for your answers in advance.
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    Are you using the pump for free flow to fill a tank or are you connecting to a system you are gonna pressure up? If you are gonna pressure up, you gotta have the bladder tank for the pressure switch to work properly. Without it the pump will "studder"... Turn on-off fast and over and over everytime you close a spigot. This will destroy the pressure switch. Hope this helps... ;)

  3. I don't have a pressure tank in use with my submerssible pump. I do however use an open ended piping system and pressure never builds up. What water is pumped free flows out the end of a 2" pipe. With a closed system you need the tank. I wish that I had one, but don't want to put the money out for one at this time.

    P.S. If you are questioning the need for a 2" sized pipe, my pump puts out 35 g.p.m. and completely fills the pipe and gives it a little force.
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    The pressure tank also reduces the number of pump starts, prolonging pump life.
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    If you have a typical pressurized water supply to your house/ buildings and you are using the submursable pump to supply your water & pressure:

    YES you need the air tank!!!!!!!! You'll wreck the pump without it.

    If you have some different water supply setup, you would need to explain it a lot more. For example, if you are only using the submursable to fill a big tank now & then with no pressure.......

  6. Well I definitely don't want to tear up my pump, so I'll just keep it in there and use it. Thanks everyone!
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    Maby the way i set up my water system may be of some help to you.Hope so.I have the well pump hooked into a thousand gallon holding tank with a float that floats on a teather in the water that automatically turns the well pump on and off.From there i ran a line to a pressure tank for the house.Then added another larger pressure tank in the laundry room(another building) which is larger than the first tank.I use it also to water the garden and lines out to the barn.12vman is right about trying to use the well pump for pressure to the house for the pump would be going on and off constantly.Much easier to repair an above ground problem than having to pull up four hundred and twenty feet of pipe which is the depth of my well.