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Went on a week long cruise from Seattle to Alaska last week for vacation. It was good to get away from the homestead and recharge the batteries. Never been on a cruise before but we had a good time, got to see some pretty cool stuff, and meet some very nice people.

Through some careful planning and some blind luck we managed to avoid most of the tourist crowds (from the ships), and were able to spend some time talking to a few of the locals in the ports. Very interesting talking to these folks, particularly when they are not under the crush of tour buses full of people that need to be entertained.

Emerald Lake, Yukon territory, Canada

Mounted animal museum, Carcross Canada

Sled dogs (huskies) waiting for the silly tourists to throw them a dog treat.

Cruising up Tracy Arm Alaska, heading toward Sawyer Glacier

Base of the Glacier

Cruising the inland passage

Another cruise ship coming into Ketchikan AK

Float planes come and go all day long in Ketchikan

Aleution Ballad - Crab fishing boat as seen on tv show "Deadliest Catch". Semi famous for the episode when it took a rouge wave that turned it on its side, killing the engines and damaging the boat but it didn't sink. Retrofitted to haul tourists out to the bay and pull pots with crab and other sea-life. The boat has a live tank on it so the tourists can see the sea-life before it is returned to the sea.

U.S. Navy, Blue Angles, happened to be practicing for an August 5th performance when we boarded the ship in Seattle.

Hope to return to Alaska someday to check out more of the inland areas.

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We did that cruise 5 years ago. Our first and only, so far. It was wonderful. We also wandered from the madding crowd and found locals to visit with, but the tourist stuff was fun, too. Liarsville was a hoot! I remember on the piers in Juneau were these very large mounted ladders, each with a sign that said DO NOT CLIMB! Then what are they for?
We left from Vancouver, Seattle wasn't into the cruise ships yet.
Glad you enjoyed it. That was our last vacation. Sigh!

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That is some great pics. I have been there and it is just an amazing trip. We wanted to do it this year also. We get out and meet local folks and do not like tourism either. I just wish we could have stayed longer.
Met a little boy fishing for salmon off a bridge. My DH pulled in his catch for him. I think it was one of the highlights of our trip.
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