Holiday Inn Camping.

Discussion in 'Homesteading Questions' started by cabe, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. cabe

    cabe Well-Known Member

    Mar 6, 2005
    We had an chance to get away once again this weekend for some camping, and I have some observations I want to share. First thing I noticed was several dozen gigantic R.V. fifth wheel rigs with sattelite T.V and multiple pull out rooms, plus giant awnings with screens .What has happened to people?What can they be thinking?We get our tent up with a tarp over it and then we are fishing or swimming before they even get backed in. We are sitting by the fire taliking , telling stories and we look around at night and no one is out-- they are all in R.V. watching T.V.!! :shrug: Our children even noticed this was foolish.Why not stay at home?Why pull a huge trailer up tp a spot spend all day setting up, for camping, then stay indoors most of the time, I am so confused. And people talk about gas prices, my tent cost me some leg work, and sweat to put up, but I do not have to charge battereies, empty tanks, fill tanks ,level that bad boy or even pay the payments for gas on way up mountain. Sometimes less is more. In the case of camping the happiest folks I saw were the ones sitting easy by their crackiling fires watching the rich boys struggle to set up their Holiday Inns on wheels. :sing: I would rather be fishing, Marty.
  2. halfpint

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    Jan 24, 2005
    I have a little bit different take on this. We have a travel trailer, and often use it to go on business trips with my husband. This gives us a place to sleep in accomodations that we are used to (and clean and allergen free as we are allergic to many laundry detergents and often get hives when staying in motels), as well as cook our own meals. We don't always bring a TV with us though - we will often sit inside reading or playing games.

    We do have a large awning (without screen) and you will usually see us eating our meals out under it, as well as maybe playing a musical instrument and just sitting and talking. And we have one slide out that gives us much needed space - trailers tend to get really crowded with 6 people without a slide out.

    When we do vacation in it, it is usually just to get away from the phone, internet and the things that we would be doing (repairing usually) at home. We often don't have time while at home to sit and play games/read, so this is relaxing to us. Again we rarely bring a TV with us, and if we do it is usually to watch the news or a special program or sports game, or to play a DVD on a rainy day for the kids. However you will often find us out at night, watching the stars, walking the beach, or around the campfire.

    Plus, it's the only way I can get my husband to go 'camping' as he absolutely won't go in a tent.

  3. shellbug

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    Jul 3, 2005
    i like to camp like my younger brother does - blanket - skillet (or vienna sausages) - matches - done

    sometimes a blue poly tarp, a little rope amd a 2.00 hammock-in-a-box

    my hubby and kids require more of the conveniences - real tent and all
  4. Cygnet

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    Sep 13, 2004
    Middle of nowhere along the Rim, Arizona
    I've done the whole gamut, from backpacking without even a tent -- just a gore-tex bivy sack or piece of plastic to keep dry -- to staying in a log cabin in the woods that my father owns that has all the conveniences of home, including better internet than my house, and a better view.

    Some of the SCARIEST nights I've ever had have been in public camping areas without a solid wall between me and the boogie man out there.

    I don't mind critters. If I'm a good long way between civilization and on the trail, I do not mind sleeping under the bush with just a bivvy for protection from the dew/rain.

    Put me in a public camp ground and I want solid walls. THere are nuts out there -- I could tell a few horror stories up to and including a guy who nearly lost his nads to my dog when he wouldn't take "go away" for an answer from me (he "got it" from my dog) -- and loose dogs that aren't always friendly to your dogs, and critters that have lost their fear of man -- and not just the obvious bears, small animals can be an issue as well and I really hate playing the guessing game of, "is that a tamed skunk or a rabid one?" -- and even on one memorable occasion, I woke to find a loose horse grazing next to me. Given that I WAS sleeping on the ground where I could have been stepped on, I wasn't really happy to have a loose horse in my campsite.

    My solution, since I can't afford an RV right now, is to avoid public campgrounds. But I sure can see the appeal of cooking over a real stove, sleeping in a real bed, etc.

  5. mightybooboo

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    Feb 10, 2004
    So Cal Mtns
    RVers arent camping,they are travelling. Its a different mindset completely.

  6. bare

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    May 9, 2002
    I have a forest service campground three miles further up the road and it's a common sight to see 40' behemoths lumbering up our county road. We call 'em WAV's, or Wilderness Assault Vehicles.

    They pull into a campground designed for much smaller rigs or cars, squeeze in somehow and idle while the leveling outriggers come down and adjust the level. Then the satellite dish rises, searches for a signal, can't find anything, the WAV scoots back and forth until they find a signal then finally shuts down. Ahh, peace and quiet again....

    Then the remote generator fires up and the blue light shows through the cracks of the window coverings.

    So much for the soothing sounds of the river, the hoot of owls, the snap crackle of the campfire, the only thing you hear the rest of the night are those blasted generators.

    We don't go camping in campgrounds anymore.
  7. diane

    diane Well-Known Member

    May 4, 2002
    South Central Michigan
    That's why we ended up buying this 40 acre piece. It's large enough that our families can come here and camp and not be on top of each other. There is nothing like going camping and laying there listening to the generators on all those big RV's. A few of the state campgrounds here have separate areas for the RV's and the tent campers, but they don't seem far enough apart for me!!
  8. Cabin Fever

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    May 10, 2002
    Between Crosslake and Emily Minnesota
    I'm with Diane on this one. The orignal reason why we bought our 40 acres was to make it our own "private" campground. I can't imagine ever "camping" in any public campground anymore...tent, trailer, or motorhome. There was always too many dogs, too many kids, too much noise and just too many people. Half the time it was more crowded than staying at home in the cities.
  9. Ardie/WI

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    May 10, 2002
    My children who are campers chuckle at my definition of "roughing it":

    My idea of roughing it is an air conditioned RV parked in a McDonald's parking lot.

    I see no fun in sleeping in a tent or sleeping bag and using Mother Nature's restroom. If I want nature, I'll just go sit behind my barn or go by the pond.
  10. AngieM2

    AngieM2 Big Front Porch advocate

    May 10, 2002
    I have two sets of aunts and uncles that live full time in RV's. They are retired and like it cause they can live somewhere a few weeks or months then move. And they have all those conviences, but also have outside screen room for evening sitting out, so the misquiotes won't get a buffet off them.

    And I've thought of camping, but I've only been once in my cousins back 40 acres - tent and such. That was fun, but I felt safe back there. Being single and inexperienced, there's no way I'd be able to sleep in a canvas tent or less in a general campground - cause there may be 2 legged beasties out there that I wouldn't want to meet.

    So I can see the beauty of simplicity but the practicality of having something solid between you and the outside.

  11. Kenneth in NC

    Kenneth in NC Well-Known Member

    Nov 20, 2002
    I love camping threads. :D We used to Tent camp then I got "o-l-d" and we moved up to a Pop-up camper. Apache Roamer with hard sides. Then my wifes cousin wanted it for three times what we paid for it. Sold it, Geeze You would have thought another deal would have came by....but it ain't :(

    Public camp grounds can be fun but if you want that "All natural" sounds and view it's best to hit the primitive camp areas. Most state and federal parks have an area thats just for primitive campers. 75% are still FREE to use. So everybody go camping:)

    If I had the bucks I might buy a 24' Travel Trailer but those giant RV's have never caught my fancy. It took one over an hour to get turned around down here on our road. It was longer than the school bus :eek:

    Kenneth in NC
  12. Ramblin Wreck

    Ramblin Wreck Well-Known Member Supporter

    Jun 10, 2005
    NW Georgia
    The best camping is not at the desingated sites accessed via cars but rather in the back country. There are places you can hike through wildflowers up to your neck, be awakened by mule deer sniffing in your face, and be ever so grateul that God put a watering hole just close enough to make before night fall...and that's a very short list of the "extras". It's not for everyone, but if you are looking for peace, quiet, and beautiful scenery, it's one of the few things left that provides it. Happy camping, after you've finished the day's hike.
  13. crystalniche

    crystalniche Well-Known Member

    Apr 4, 2005
    I know what you mean about those huge campers! We live in a town that has 3 campgrounds in a row on the highway. Oh, there is a bit of distance between them but----. Then there is the state park between them, in the next town up, right on the town line, same road there is another campground then there is still another state park on up further. We get a LOT of those big campers with kids looking out the windows and a white haired person white knuckling the steering wheel. Most of them go so s-l-o-w and are all over the road. I've seen them pull right out into traffic then fiddle around trying to turn around in the middle of the road. Some people will drive right up to them and hit their brakes hard, maybe in an effort to scare some sense into them. Doesn't seem to work. We get all kinds of people, mostly vacationers but there are those who are on the run too. I used to work in the local gas station and we would hear about the problems some of these people would give at the campgrounds. I for one wouldn't want to go camping that way. A nice sized pull behind camper with just enough room for us would be fine with me. I would not want to go wilderness camping, too many people out there right now and some of them I wouldn't want to meet up with. Some of us have a DH who wouldn't go camping without all the junk they can't live without---me for one! While I rarely watch tv my DH is addicted to it. If I want wilderness I can sit out in my backyard and see all the deer and other wildlife that I want to see. We've sat out there late at night watching the various animals and even the northern lights. It is rare for the northern lights to be seen this far but it happens.
  14. hollym

    hollym Well-Known Member

    Feb 18, 2005
    last time I camped it was in a campground. It's hard to find places in Texas that you CAN camp that aren't. I was with a friend of mine and his son, and yes we both were in tents, lol.

    The lady next to us was in a big RV and she came over to visit. She told us that they traveled all over in it. Her take was that it was easier and more convenient than motels and restaurants and I can see that.

    I like my little tent though! That was the coldest weekend Texas had had in a while, lol, but we had fun anyway. My son and I had about six comforters and sleeping bags altogether, so it was fine until morning when we had to get out!

  15. sidepasser

    sidepasser Well-Known Member

    May 10, 2002
    GA & Ala
    I like to camp in a tent with a sleeping bag, no way am I going to sleep on the bare ground but a tent is fine.

    My horse trailer has a dressing room with sleeping quarters and an Awning..imagine that..I can cook outside in the rain under the awning and nothing gets wet..some conveniences are practical!

    But no RV for me unless I was traveling cross country..but if I take the horse camping, I sleep in the trailer, don't watch tv anyway and it's nice and comfy sleeping on an air matress and sleeping bags..haven't put a mattress there yet, but might, just might do that this fall...

  16. texican

    texican Well-Known Member

    Oct 3, 2003
    Carthage, Texas
    I'd rather have a root canal without anesthesia than stay in ANY campground... Too many variables to worry about...bad people...noise...noise...did I mention noise???

    Also the crazy factor...don't cotton to the idea of having crazy people (at least crazier than me) that close to my tent...

    Have slept with grizzlies less than a hundred yards away, in Alaska, and slept soundly. If I remember correctly, the LAST campground I was in (15 years ago)I was awakened a dozen times...finally packed up the gear in the truck, went out and slept in the camper shell off the side of the road, a whole lot quieter...

    give me about ten miles from the nearest road, and then I consider myself camping....
  17. travlnusa

    travlnusa Well-Known Member

    Dec 12, 2004
    When we lived in the city, we LOVED to go camping. It was great to get away from it all, get back into the woods, etc.

    Then we moved to the country and had our own acres. About 6 months after moving, we went camping again. Nobody could sleep due to the noise, had to make sure the boys kept their voices down at "quiet hours", etc.

    We still go camping, but only in national forests. Still close to others, but much fewer.
  18. bgak47

    bgak47 Well-Known Member

    Sep 4, 2003
    Different Strokes for Different Folks. I originally bought my 17 acres in the country because I Hated Public campgrounds. I didn't like the crowding or the noise or the crazy people in the next campsite, or the rules & regulations, or dragging around a trailer or sleeping in a tent in July. I did tent camping when I was in my teens & 20s, but I got too old to enjoy it. I never had the option to have a mobile Holliday Inn, but I do have a nice place in the country with elect,indoor plumbing, heat, & AC.And it's paid for.
  19. oz in SC

    oz in SC Well-Known Member

    May 13, 2002
    SC and soon to be NC
    We are actually looking into buying a 30' travel trailer..we rented a small 19' camper and liked it (but it WAS cramped.) and saw a model that fit us to a was designed for two people with a small slide out in the living room.It also had MUCH nicer cabinets than most.

    We wouldn't have a TV,it is boring at home,why would we want one while camping?

    We stayed at two campgrounds-one in KY with perhaps three other campers in the whole campground and one in GA that had no-one near us...Although there WERE a bunch of Boy Scouts running around down at the lake...LOL
  20. BCR

    BCR Well-Known Member

    Jun 24, 2002
    I wrote about this in early spring...but I've been 'camping' more than I ever have before this year. I usually like state parks, because they can be fairly quiet (some have less than 20 spaces), but two weeks ago I tried to join up with a new group of folks at a new park in the southern part of the state. I changed my plans and drove the 4 hours there. There were 275 spaces!!! There were less than 5 other people who were only in tents!!! There was a very noisy treatment plant. Someone with an RV actually brought a light-up 6 foot plus palm tree. People put out miniature street lights, cackle until the wee hours, put their boats in and out of the water within feet of your tent with no regard for quiet. UGH! After very little sleep I packed up and headed out without meeting up with my new friends the next day.

    I will now do my best to be more selective. Like sticking to my favorite beach park.

    Edited to say: As a woman often travelling alone, I want walls now too! Those little TAB pul-behind campers look like something I'd want to travel in. If I ever have the $ I want to spend on it (brand new they are about $12,000), I'll give it a try.