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I'm a woodworker, I mill/kiln my own woods.
I'm looking for plans for bee hives and any wooden accessories.
I'd like to manage some hives. I have 15ac in N. central TN. Fentress Co. and access to other acreage.
I'd love to make hives and trade for setup advice/help with someone.
I'm serious about my craft and do my best to do top quality work.
I need plans that are the industry standard so if someone needs to interchange parts down the road my work will match/mate.
Some of my woodworks
any help thanks

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check out the sticky on this forum about making your own hives. Alleyooper has some excellent directions there. AND they're made to the standards that are out there.

there are also some plans available online in PDF format, if you google for bee hives DIY. Hives and frames. they're darn easy to make if you have woodworking skills at all. Even I've made one.

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My local library has booklets with detailed instructions. The drawings are so clear a child could make one. I think it even had a list of lumber sizes needed. You can call your local library and ask if they have one.
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