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History of your farm

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Just wondering how far back you know the history of the place you live ?

Ours goes back about 100 yrs now . It was bought by my wifes Grandfather for the sum of 1000.00 It had a 2 room log house at that time . he later built a 4 room house amd planted maples in the fromt yard When we built we built in the same spot and even manged to save part of the old house .
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My great great grandmother bought this farm in 1886, it was two farms up for mortage sale and SHE bought them, by herself. Moved one barn to the other homestead and built a new house for her son and wife. Took two years and cost $3500 to build the big old farm house and the men boarded here in the old farm house. Son was kicked by a horse and died of a ruptured spleen (funeral in the front room) and the farm was rented for a number of years. A funeral for a son of the renters was held in the front room too. Finally my folks made an offer on the farm that GGGrandmother's kids would except, she had passed away by now, and they moved here in 1945, bought the 200 acres of good farm land for 12,500. I live here now, sleep in the bedroom I was born in. My mother had a wonderful memory and told us stories about the farm being built, etc. that she had heard her aunts and uncles tell. Wonderful history and heritage but now there isn't anyone interested in carrying on and living here after me.
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