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History of your farm

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Just wondering how far back you know the history of the place you live ?

Ours goes back about 100 yrs now . It was bought by my wifes Grandfather for the sum of 1000.00 It had a 2 room log house at that time . he later built a 4 room house amd planted maples in the fromt yard When we built we built in the same spot and even manged to save part of the old house .
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I recently purchased an 11 x 17 sketch of our farm on ebay that was from an 1876 atlas. Surprising, the paper is in very good shape. Our town historian already had a copy of this atlas, so I'm quite sure that my purchase is authentic. The original barn is still existing, but the original house burned and the house we're living in now what purchased from Sears shortly after the depression. The sketch shows several more out-buildings that are gone now (but we've discovered a couple foundations) and parts of the orchard are still remaining. The names on this sketch coincide with the names on our deed. I'm planning to frame this.

If you scroll down to the second picture, ours is the Richard Losee farm.
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