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History of your farm

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Just wondering how far back you know the history of the place you live ?

Ours goes back about 100 yrs now . It was bought by my wifes Grandfather for the sum of 1000.00 It had a 2 room log house at that time . he later built a 4 room house amd planted maples in the fromt yard When we built we built in the same spot and even manged to save part of the old house .
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A cousin of mine did quite a bit of historical research about the farm I grew up on. My Dad was the third or forth generation there. It got overgrown by the Twin Cities and isn't a farm anymore. Several of my siblings have chunks of the homestead now, but its sure not the same . . .

On the farm I know own, I've learned a bit from neighbors and plan on doing research at some point in time. I have to go to the title company so I can read the absract. Even though it wasn't MY relatives, it sure is neat learning about the folks that use to live here. I found some items during the remodel that will be fun to find out about the people on the cards and notes.

I do know that part of my house was the original homestead the settlers built back in the 1870's. I don't live very far from DeSmet of Little House on the Prairie fame, and the first homesteaders on this property would have been contemporaries of the Engels family.

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