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Wellthe winds started night before last, really quite a wind storm. It kept on today. As we were leaving to get goat food we noticed that the line of cedar trees that border the front of the property have blown down. I'm talking about 10 or more trees!!!! Whoppppp over they went!!!

Now that was bad enough when we got home the BIG pine tree that was right by our kennel also blew down. Now this was a BIG tree, no signs of bad health or cracking or anything. But it is down, has taken some of our fencing with it!!

Tomorrow we will go out and see how bad the damage is. It could have been a lot worse, if the tree had fallen in the other direction it would have collapased the kennel roof.

Anyone near Central Virginia that want some pine logs or some great scented cedar???? You cut you can have!!! Also you can help mend a few fences. :rock:

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