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Stern Tanning Company does a wonderful job of tanning sheep pelts. The cost ranges between $30 and $35 per pelt depending upon how many pelts you send in. The pelts are returned COD. Their address is:

Stern Tanning Co., Inc.
P.O. Box 55
344 Broadway
Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin 53085


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This is a repost of info I put up on the goat board for someone:

Check with Bucks County Fur & Tanning in PA. They are reasonable and relatively quick. They take about 3 months to tan a hide and, depending on the size, charge between $25 and $35 to tan it. Here are the instructions that they provide for preparing hides for shipment to them:

Important: Do this immediately, body heat can ruin a skin in one hour.

1. Check for cuts, cuts around the edges will be trimmed off. Do not send skins with cuts in the center. Remove heavy fat lumps before salting.

2. Salt the hide, 5 pounds or more on big skins, 2 pounds on spring lambs. Use granular salt, not rock salt or pickling salt.

3. Stack and dry the hide. Salt draws moisture out of the skin. Stack hides leather side up and raised off the floor on boards or something similar. In 8 to 10 days, they will be ready to ship. Do not put in sunshine--that burns the leather.

4. Shipping: A feed bag containing the rolled, salted hides can be packed in a catron. This is the ideal method. Put return address and "natural" or "washable" tan inside the box. Please print or type. We only do sheep hides washable if requested.

5. Not responsible for wool slips or torn skins from butcher cuts, or tanning skins killed during shedding season.

6. Skins are sent back to customer C.O.D.

7. Send name, street address, and phone number with skins.

8. Sheep--Natural tan--depends on size--$14 to $49

9. Sheep--machine wash--depends on size--$16 to $56--slightly off white. Sheep only

10. Rabbit skins--$3.15 to $5.55 each and they must be stretched and dry (fat removed)--domestic only.

Send to
Bucks County Fur Products
P.O. Box 204
220 1/2 N. Ambler Street
Quakertown, PA 18951
Phone 215-536-6614
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