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  1. hey im 15 and im looking for a pot belly pig im from tennessee and i was wondering if u know where i could get one and if this would be a good pet for me???
  2. go to windridgefarm.us and read about potbellied pigs. If you want them as a pet you really need to get them at about a week old and bottle feed them, have them neutered or spayed and either extract or trim their tusks regularly. The breeder there is in Central Ky, and tends to raise them more as a homestead livestock but does sell to pet owners, and he has culled out a lot of the bad genes, something the pet people are usually unwilling to do, so his pigs tend to be a lot healthier and usually no as expensive, but I don't believe there will be any papers or the silly "adoption certificate" that some of the pet people do

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    Apr 14, 2004
    I guess the previous posts was form one of the people who got a pig from me, since that's my site. Definitely do research on any animal prior to purchase and talk to others, owners and breeders both. I know people who swear by pigs as pets, and I have no qualms about selling one as a pet, but read and talk before you purchase. I've raised potbellies for years and mainly regard them as an easy source of organic meat for my family. I've had a couple pigs that were promoted to guard/pet but I don't let them in the house