Hey Oklahomans and N.W. Arkansawers, got a fall garden question for you.

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  1. What all do you plant in your fall garden and what calendar date do you plant it? Today it is 20 degrees cooler then normal and raining a lot. So today I tilled up between my corn rows and broadcasted some Spinach, mustard greens, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots in hopes that during this cool period they may get a good start. Hopefully the cornstalks will keep them shaded enough till the normal weather does cool down and maybe I'll get a second harvest.
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    Go to your county extension office and get fact sheet 6009, fall gardening, put out by OSU extension service.

    To summarize, you can plant most things anytime from the last week of July thru the middle of August, a few as late as Sept first. Cauliflower, broccoli, potatos, etc are a problem because the first two need plants and potatos need seed potatos, generally unavailable here in the Fall.

    I planted my whole fall garden day before yesterday. I plan on the last week of July because we get a rain that week most years. Got an inch of rain on the garden last night.

    The fact sheet also gives tips on how to get seed up in hot and dry weather.