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Hey. I have some question to you.

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What part of Jefferson County, Alabama have some mexicans live there?

I just want live in suburb with good school system. I'm not usually to live in rural area.
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All of Jefferson county!!! There is a large population in Blount county that are farm workers and a HUGE population in Hoover, in Jefferson county. Lots of apartments, lots of single family homes some even zoned equestrian. Pretty decent school system. Interstates 65 and 459 run through Hoover as does hwy 31. North of Hoover on Hwy 31 is the city of Vestavia Hills and just North of that is Homewood which also has a large Mexican population. Continuing North on 31 is the actual city of Birmingham. Either keep driving North on 31 and then North/East on 59 to get to Trussville or get on I-459 in Hoover and drive it all the way to Trussville. If you're looking for construction work, you'll have no problem finding a job anywhere in Jefferson county.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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