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Discussion in 'Weight Loss Forum' started by Oceanrose, Dec 21, 2005.

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    Mar 25, 2005
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    I lost 60#, in 2004, and though I gained back 20# this past spring due to some issues, I'm now almost back down to my lowest point. SO, I need to lose 50 more #. Ideally by May.

    I'll be going back to the South Beach Diet, lots of salads, and 3+ miles of walking a day. Here we go :).

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    Jun 22, 2004
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    Good for you. I have been following the low-carb thing for the last two years. Actually Atkins. I lost 75 lbs and have maintained my weight except every holiday season i gain about ten pounds which is not to hard to get off if I jump back on my diet and continue on with my daily chores. It becomes part of your lifestyle once you have done it long enough. I feel like I am at somewhat of an advantage because my children have grown up and are no longer at home. My ol' man and I are all that are here and so we don't buy junk food at all or cook any "wrong" foods. It is easier than if we had a house full of people not on a diet. He lost 70 pounds and wants to lose about 25 more. We maintain our weghtloss better in the spring and summer when it is hot and i am milking goats. The heat burns it off and the excessive amount of chores i have helps. In the winter, i always feel like I want to eat more, in the summer, it's just too dang hot, plus clothes are more revealing and that is incentive... meaning shorts and tank-tops. Also. I believe a diet of raw goat milk has really improved our health. My husband swears by it. Good luck with South Beach, I hear it is a good food plan...Diane