herbal remedy for ears?????

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    May 10, 2002
    I didn't know whether to put this under the garden thread or where so here it is...

    I have a good friend who is about 50 who has had three massive ear infections this winter....it's certainly not from swimming but her ears are producing too much moisture...her doctors says he wants to put tubes in her ears but at her age she doesn't want the surgery...

    Do you know of any herbal or natural remedies to help this moisture and ear problem???
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    Jan 4, 2006

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    Nov 1, 2002
    Garlic or onion juice will kill the infection (dilute it or it will sting to blazes!), but it won't cure the recurring problem. The surgery is very minor, and your friend at 50 isn't exactly elderly. Heavens, I've got an aunt who had hip replacement at 94 and is still going strong! If little toddlers can take the ear surgery without blinking, so can your friend. Your friend is risking complete deafness at an early age if s/he doesn't get the problem fixed ASAP.
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    Tell your friend to sleep with the infected in on a gel icepak or to hold one at the base of her ear for an hour each night. It will bring down the swelling and allow excess fluids to drain, thus speeding healing.
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    Jul 19, 2003
    she might check into using ear candles. I don't know if they will help, but it wouldn't hurt to at least check before having surgery.
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    Aug 17, 2003
    "XLEAR" (it is pronounced "clear")


    I can't personally endorse this product so you will need to make your own decision as to its value. Nine years ago we had a Finnish exchange student in our home who chewed gum made from Xylitol. In Finland students are allowed and even encouraged to chew this gum during school as it is considered a preventative for cavities. With this Finnish girl present (and her teeth were beautiful) I asked my dentist about Xylitol in gum. His response, "we have gum here in the USA that contains it". I hadn't seen any marketed here until the last couple years. Could our country be behind the European nations in preventative care?

    From what I have read, Xylitol occurs naturally in the human body. Xylitol gum controls bacteria in the mouth, and Xlear nasal spray containing Xylitol destroys bacteria in the nose. The ears are connected to the nasal passages by the eustachian tubes so maybe this nasal spray is effective to keep bacteria from the tubes. :shrug:

    Your friend at this point may be willing to try anything. The nasal spray might be available in health food stores, although the gum, "Spry", can be purchased anywhere.

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    Oct 16, 2005
    Pour a cap full into the ear and lay on your side so it can travel to the inner ear. (this tickles like crazy.) Let it stay in there until it stops fizzing or practically stops. When that's done, do it over again. Keep a towel handy so you can roll over and let the peroxide drain out. You'll get the hang of it. Do this until the peroxide doesn't fiz anymore (I'm talking about per treatment session) and do this at least twice per day--three times in the beginning for about a week, morning, noon and night--until the infection is gone. I'm guessing this can take as long as a a couple of weeks to get rid of.

    Keep water out of the ear as much as possible, such as when taking a shower. If water gets in, get it a does of peroxide. Don't be diggin in the ear with a q-tip to dry it out. Let the peroxide dry on it's own.

    Yes, I've done this and never went to the doc, but her situation could be different. I would give this treatment about a week and then go to doc if it doesn't appear to be helping.
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    Apr 13, 2006
    I just use antihystimines(sp) i know tis not a home remedy but when you have tomuch nasale dranage eye dranage ect you need something to dry it up. i have a friend who is an ent and that what she told me to use on my dd whom has them everytime she gets snotty or her alergys act up. Sudifed is great.
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    Alcohol and vinegar. I use it on my kids to prevent swimmers ear. Mix half and half. When I was home all the time I did this faithfully and never had a case of swimmers ear. Hubby doesn't always remember, and last summer we had several cases that required a doctor visit. A pediatrician told me about it and said she got it from her vet. When I have alot of drainage in my ears, I use it and it dries it right up.
  10. Nature_Lover

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    Feb 5, 2005
    There are two basic types of ear infections: inner ear infections, and (outer) ear canal infections.

    ear canal infections are outside the eardrum, and can be treated and prevented with vinegar/alcohol drops, alcohol dries moisture, vinegar acidifies the environment so yeast/bacteria/fungus can't grow there. Hydrogen peroxide can help reduce the yeast/bacteria/fungus, then hydrogen peroxide turns into water - it does NOT dry the ear canal like alcohol. Water trapped in the ear canal is what usually causes these infections to occur.

    Inner ear infections occur when the eustachian (drainage) tube becomes clogged, and bacteria is trapped inside the area closed off by the eardrum, (causing earaches, headaches, balance and hearing problems) the trapped bacteria multiplies and creates pressure on the eardrum and inflammation of inner ear tissues.

    Your friend apparently has inner ear infections, the doctor wants to put in tubes -tiny beads- to relieve pressure, and allow air to help inhibit bacterial regrowth in the inner ear, until the eustachian tube reopens, and it can allow drainage to the sinus cavity again.
    The tubes fall out on their own, and the eardrum heals quickly after that.
    Tubes actually help prevent the need for antihistamines or decongestants (which only treat symptoms, not the root cause - the bacteria) and tubes help reduce the length of time antibiotics are needed to kill all of the bacteria once and for all.

    Actually tubes are the best choice for ending recurrent ear infections, considering the alternative possible side effects of:

    longer (and stronger) courses of antibiotics.

    long-term effects of possible permanent hearing loss or balance problems if the infection doesn't clear up before scar tissue develops in the eustachian tube or the inner ear, the eustachian tube can become restricted and recurrent infections can become chronic, requiring inner ear surgery to ream it out.

    Here is a link to a holistic PDF file that goes into great detail regarding inner ear infections in children, it recommends some herbal treatments, I have not tried any of them, so do your research before you recommend any of them to your friend.


    I hope she feels better soon.
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    May 13, 2002
    I use the Xlear for nasal allergies and it really helps and I use Trident chewing gum because it is made with Xylitol, and I think there is another store brand. Never heard of the Spry brand. Rita
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    Mar 30, 2004
    Well this isnt herbal but I fought ear infections a lot growing up and by accident figured this out. On a camping trip that I could not get to see a Dr I used triple antibiotic ointment (like for cuts, not noesporin it doesnt work)just a small amount in my ear and a cotten ball. 24 hours latter it was gone! Used it anytime I start to have ear ache and never had anymore problems. My younger brother had an ear infection a few years ago and I checked the medicine the Dr prescribed, the triple antibiotic ointment had the same one in the same amount as the drops plus two other antibiotics. The only thing the drops had that the the ointment did'nt was for suspention (so it stays mixed?) Anyway she really should heed her Dr since it has gotten so bad. This was for an early ear infection.