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HempWorx the purest CBD oil in the world

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Have you tryed CBD yet? Would you like to?
We have a sampler so you can see the quality without all the cost. Just $9.95


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So, I went to the website, typed "cbd" in the search box and got 0 results. Then typed in "Hempworx" and also got no results. If you want folks to try your product, then maybe fix your search engine?
I went to the website too. I typed in "cdb" and tried "cbd" and got zero results also.
I can't find where to order the sample pack.
I wish there was a standard for CBD like other supplements. Other than the Consumer Labs tests, I don't see a way to compare concentration from brand to brand w/o the trial and error of buying and trying.
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It doesn't help that it's a MLM and make claims that aren't true. It's not bad quality, but it's not as good as they claim, either. It's all very subjective. I've found that a little research goes a long way. As does buying from a reputable company and/or shop.
I would like to try the sample pack too. Please post a link!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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