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i bought a goat was told to be 6 months old I was Gunna wait till next spring to breed her cus of her age I wanted to give her time to grow I’ve notice she’s had discharge but thought maybe she was jst going through a heat cycle well I noticed one night when I went to check on her she was prolapsed well I’ve never known a animal to prolapse without being breed or jst giving birth!!! So I got on the phone called the guy I bought her from he said there no ways she’s bred so I called the vet got some info thought maybe she was having a false pregnancy took her to the vet confirmed she is bred and she should b going within this month if not the first of July she prolapses when laying down but it goes back in when she stands up I’m jst worried about when she begins to push will she completly prolapse? She’s a very small goat and I’m worried about her I check on her lots through the day!!! I notice today she kind of had a bloody yellow mucus discharge I’m hoping everything is good and she’s not aborting baby/babies any info or help would b awesome I’ve constanly worry about her always checking the pen for anything unusual checking her rear end making sure everything going okay back there she super soft in the rear end as well help pls! B
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