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Help with washing machine

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So last night the washing machine overflowed when filling for the wash cycle. DH and I do not understand the mechanism that detects the water level as a machine is filling. There must be two components, one that can tell how much water is in the tub, and a switch that moves the machine to the next part of the cycle. Appreciate any clarification that anyone can give. BTW, its out in the barn, so at least there's no water damage, or even cleanup...
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My machine has a tube that goes from the outer drum to a switch on the back. When water pressure is high enough it stops the flow. I just blew into the switch with water on, using another hose, to see if it stopped. It takes only a small bit of pressure to activate it. There's other mechanisms I'm sure. Luck!
Did it shut off when you killed power? If not , it's probably a stuck fill valve. Otherwise see Virg's answer. What brand , age , etc....jack
Washing machine stops filling off of presure. Tale the pressure valve off blow thru it clean it good, and make sure the hose that runs from it has not pulled lose from the outer tub. If valve is bad you can get one for about 30 bucks or so. Those are the only two things it could be.
Use this site and it will walk you through the trouble shooting until you have the problem isolated and the component you need identified. I have found these people very resourceful and their parts are sent on time and thier prices are good. I have no affiliation other than being a satisfied customer. In the column on the left side of the main page you will see a heading "repair help" start there
This is a Kenmore, about 5 years old. You've given enough guidance here that I'm pretty sure we can get this repaired.

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