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We are semi-new to the pig raising "business". We newly acquired 3 Wessex pigs about a week ago. Two of them are around 60-70 lbs and one is about 125 lbs. They are all females. Well, last night one of the smaller ones dig under the fence (which is actually buried in the ground some) and got out for a brief amount of time. We decided that in order to stop this, we needed to ring their noses. We got one of the smaller ones (not the one that got out) and ringed her nose around 8:30 last night and decided to wait till morning to do the others. I went to check on them this morning and she had foam coming from her mouth. Like I said, we are new at having pigs so I would love to hear feedback on this. Is it ever normal for them to foam at the mouth? Or is something wrong since it's happening after we ringed her? Any and all info is much appreciated.
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