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Help- no female flowers on winter squash

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For the first time, I am growing winter squash, Curcurbita maxima, variety Stripett (a hybrid). The plants had a slow start (cool weather and slugs) but are now growing like mad and covering several square meters in my small greenhouse. A few male flowers have blossomed, several are currently in bloom, there are many coming. Problem - I see no buds looking like female flowers - well, at any rate if the female flowers look like those on the summer squash I have been growing for years, Curcurbita pepo, Ambassador (a hybrid).

So - is it possible that budding male and female flowers both have long narrow stems in winter squash (unlike summer squash)?

Or - if the female flowers do look like those on summer squash - why do I not get any? Too cool? Too wet? Too dry?

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The base of the feamle flower should be shorter than those of your summer squash, since the bases are shaped like the eventual squash. Look in the centers of the flowers. The male flowers come first, and then the females.
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